My Mother is Sick, can anyone help?

This is my second post dedicated for my mother who went under the knives twice.

For all of you who have medical knowledge, please help.

For all of you who knows some financial remedies, please help.

For all of you who knows God, please help us pray.

Last December 16, 2008, she was operated in the abdomen. I will post here below the result of her clinical diagnosis by her first Pathologist.

Clinical Diagnosis: Colonic CA
Gross Description:

The specimen consists of a resected colon from a right hemicolectomy, with grayish serosa and attached fatty tissues, measuring 38 cm. in length and 7.5cm in its greatest width. Cut sections show an obstructing whitish mass noted at the cecum, measuring up to 16cm in tis greatest dimension, and extending into the serosa and near the proximal line of resection, and 16cm from distal line of resection.

A whitish mass is also noted measuring up to 2.5cm in its greatest dimensions and noted 14cm from the distal line of resection. The vermiform appendix measures 5 x 15 x 1 cm .15 pericolonic lymph nodes are noted and some are large and measure up to 3 cm in their greatest dimensions.

Microscopic Description:

Sections of the cecal mass show diffuse submucosal and transmural infiltrates of small and large lymphocytes extending into serosa. Similar atypical lymphocytes are also noted at the vermiform appendix, peri-colonic lymph nodes, and near the proximal line of resection.

Histopathological Diagnosis

NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA, Diffuse, Mixed Small and Large Cell Type, Cecum, Vermiform Appendix, Peri-colonic Lymph Nodes and Proximal Line of Resection.


Suggest Immunohistochemistry studies.


She was operated again last February 18, 2009. This time under her arm pit. Here is the Surgical Pathology Report.


The surgical specimen consists of nodular, brownish to grayish white doughy tissue weighing 150 grams, measuring 8 x 7 x 5cm. Cut section show lobulated, grayish white cut surfaces with tiny cyst. representative section embedded.

Microscopic Description:

Sections disclose the tumor is composed of solid sheets of neoplastic cuboidal to polygonal celss infiltrating into underlying fibrofatty stroma.


INVASIVE DUCT CARCINOMA, Axillary Tail of the Breast (Malignant)

Last week of March, my brother noted again a bulging part of our mother’s abdomen. She went again to the doctor but the doctor refuses to let her go under the knife for the third time in just 3 months. He advised the family to put my mother under Chemotherapy medications.

The harder part with this scenario is that our family could not afford to have her chemotherapy.

My mother is now very thin and that she is only 59 years old. Can anyone help us please?