life is a mathematical equation

(I composed this piece with my son, Hans, for his project in math subject some months ago. The highlighted words below were my son’s choices as mathematically related words.)

(for my son, Hans)

Life is like looking for a quotient, indeed.
As we stand at life’s crossroads,
and in these crossroads, we count all
the options after dividing our choices.

1,2,3,…, there,
we have the freedom to know
all life’s equations after appreciating
our problems and solutions
and enjoying the sum of the whole,
pointing to our dividends that indeed,
life is a mathematical equation.

In these crossroads, we see
life is not a fraction
and not in algebraic calculations,
not to how many times we multiply
what we have borrowed from above,
or below, and not to the highest exponents
we could crown as laurels in our heads.

But, to how many times
we multiply the goodness
that we have and add
the people we served
and subtracted all
that we don’t deserved.

Just beyond the bend,
the odds wanted to get even
to what we think as the end.
But, God is so wise to give us
the problems and guide us through
all solutions like our teacher who gave us
the x of finding what
are missing.

Indeed, life is an equation
and prod us to find out
We only need to find the correct