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Make Money By Passing Your Enthusiasm On To Others

My experiences working with a conventional co-operative which primary concern is helping the poor having decent savings for any future needs through credits, that is, giving them additional capital to start or prop up their businesses, gave me a hard earned lessons that it takes to build a business that earns a profit.

From these experiences, having a hands-on monitoring for those loans as well the progress of every borrower, I understand that someone has to invest work, time and money now in order to get a future, a larger return. I know this is a simplistic view and it doesn’t work always but I’ve seen successful people who are investing now and reaping all fruits in the near future. I’ve experienced this also myself.

How about you? Do you really believe investing time, money and efforts today to earn in the future?

For more realistic example, someone has to invest in education before getting all its fruits like having an established work or a sustainable business, may it be, offline or business online.

Having that said, I think it is unrealistic to expect someone with no or little knowledge of marketing, advertising, and building a business get money online quickly. As I am searching and re-searching ways of making money online and working at home, those rich quick schemes are scams.

Don’t be a victim.

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How To Make Money From Online Journalism?

With the recession still in full force, many people have decided to write for online journalism sites for another source of income. Here are some common ways and some good sites that will help you make money from writing articles:

1) WEBSITES THAT PAY YOU–The following websites are good ones that will pay you to write articles–,,,,, Some of these sites allow you to republish articles from other sites–some don’t. Check with each individual site to learn their particular submission guidelines.

2) WHAT TO WRITE–Write on topics that people are interested in right now. It’s the recession, and jobs are scarce so write on topics like:

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