Pangasinan Language Must Live

Lingayen, Pangasinan (6 August) — Pangasinan language must live and be here to stay.

This in a nutshell was the message of Gov. Amado Espino, Jr. when he spoke before members of the Ulupan na Pansiansay Salitan Pangasinan (UPSP) during its 10th anniversary celebration at the Pangasinan State University Audio-Visual Room here last Wednesday.

In recognition of the governor’s effort to promote the use of the Pangasinan language, the group passed a resolution making him honorary president of the group.

Espino opted to speak extemporaneously rather than read his prepared speech.

While the Capitol is the face and heart of the province, the Pangasinan language, he stressed, is its soul. For this, he had directed the entire provincial government workforce to use Pangasinan as its official language during flag-raising ceremony on Mondays.

Noting that Pangasinan is a dying language he exhorted every Pangasinense to use Pangasinan in all local occasions, instead of Tagalog or English. Every Pangasinense should also practice conversational Pangasinan, or if cannot be avoided, use Tagalog-Pangasinan or English-Pangasinan, he said.

Former trade and industry Director Jaime Lucas, the founding president of the group who received special citation during the 430th Founding Anniversary of Pangasinan, lauded Espino who, he said, was the only modern provincial leader who openly endorsed Pangasinan as the official language in the province. “It’s only this time that I heard a governor endorsing Pangasinan as the official language of the Capitol and the whole province,” he said.

Primarily founded to preserve and promote the use of the Pangasinan language, Lucas said he was thankful that UPSP reached this far and acknowledged everyone’s support, especially the governor.

Lucas said that every other two weeks, one of the 6,000 languages in the world dies, half of which is expected to be extinct by 2020, citing a report from the Associated Press.

He also lamented the fact that Pangasinan, one of the eight officially recognized languages in the Philippines, is dying. For this, Lucas told parents that they must never be ashamed to allow, train or ask their children to know the language.

Dr. Victoriano Estira, PSU President, on the other hand, called for a stronger “Ulupan” which he said should reflect the culture, hopes and aspirations of every Pangasinense as he pledged his support to the group.

UPSP has lined up various activities to include exhibit of books and magazines, film showing of Anacbanua, an award winning Pangasinan film, lecture series, creative writing workshop and the conferment of the Galang ya Pablo Mejia, the highest literary prize on Pangasinan literature. (PIO/PIA Pangasinan/dos)


Pangasinan sanggunian seeks preservation of Pangasinan arts, culture

LINGAYEN – A resolution was passed by the provincial board requesting Governor Amado T. Espino to create a commission that will conduct a comprehensive study on the origin and history of Pangasinan.

Resolution No. 442-2008 authored by 2nd District Board Member Nestor Reyes stated that the result of the study which could be a good material for scholars could help instill a sense of identity among Pangasinenses.

Among others, the study will delve on finding out the exact day, month and year that Pangasinan was founded and consolidated.

Lawyer Gonzalo T. Duque, president of Lyceum-Northwestern, earlier lamented that Pangasinan is among the few provinces in the Philippines that has not established the exact date of its founding by the Spaniards.

Another resolution also proposed by Reyes, Provincial Resolution No. 443-2008 seeks to establish the Pangasinan Language and Heritage Center that will undertake studies and promote activities on the preservation, promotion and development of Pangasinan language and heritage.

Two other related resolutions, also proposed by Reyes, seek to establish the Pangasinan Museum that will feature, preserve and promote the rich cultural history and historical legacy of Pangasinenses and craft and compose an official Pangasinan hymn and march to be used during public functions and festivities.


tinakawda ni Urduja ti Pangasinan

Ket adda naaramid nga animated film maipanggep kenni ingungotenmi nga Bini Urduja. Kuna ni Sir Sonny Villafania a sabali met ti sarita ti pabuya ken awan a pulos ti sao a Pangasinan a nailaok la koma met. Inibbungda ti Pangasinan. Buyaenyo ti teaser. com/watch? v=TRFIFMWCRVs

Saan a maawat ni Magillion ket nagkomento idiay Youtube ngem pinarupaanda iti “pag ginawa ba sa Pangasinan, may manonood ba?” Tinakawda ngaruden, inlakoda pay. Pinagbalinda a Tagalog ni Urduja, sinukatanda pay ti pakasaritaanna. Anian a kinangdok ken kinadang-as!

 Lineppasda ni Mumbaki, ni Urduja. Isarunodan ni Gabriela ken Diego wenno ni Lakay Belong. Ay-ayamenda metten dagiti anito nga annabu ti puli. Bay-an tayon ni Imelda uray no pagintsikenda.

Tinakewda la lanti si Urduja, pinantagalogda ne. Aliing tila komon ed pakaugep itayo. Ikana tila so pansansia’y Pangasinan!

narasan ya dila

pinigarpigar ko yan likna
pianu agak makaugep,
ya indelnet ed nonot,
say tua et siak
narasanak ed bukorkon dila
komon, sakey labat
ya kamot ed sakey ya salita
wadmanakla ed abong…..

Natan, on, natan antak
ya maliwliwawa ed ayan linawa
ya siak aliwan baaw labat so tinakewda
ya siak tan sayan bilayko et angapola…

Say irap so onsimpet angad tukok
angad sampot na pagew no antak
ya angapola’y nasabi
en sayan panagsimpet.

kutkotenko lan amin
amin a naiyan ed baul
na angano sakey labat ya salita
no sikatoy nepeg
so unsimpet ed sayan panagsulat
na anlong ed sayan kugip…

padasek laeng, ituloykonto he he…

mabisin a dila

pinirsapirsayko ti riknak
tapno saanak a makaturog,
nga indennet ditoy nakem,
ti pudno ket siak
mabisinak iti dilak
koma, maysa laeng
a kammet iti maysa a sao
ket addaakon ti taengko…

Tatta, wen, itatta ket ammok
a naglawag ti riknak
a siak saan laeng nga innapuy ti tinakawda
a siak ken ti biagko ket awanen..

Nagrigat ti agsubli iti lansad
iti murdong ti barukong no ammok
nga awanen ti aguray
iti daytoy nga isasangpet.

Kinalik aminen
aminen nga adda idiay baul
ta uray maysa laeng a sao
no isu ti makapudno
a sumangpet iti daytoy a panagsurat
ti daniw iti daytoy a tagainep…