The Site’s Title & Purpose

Ket adda umiso a ladawan manipud ti blog ni Ka Agca. Awan pammalubosna ti pannakausar daytoy ngem ammok a daytoy ket tanda ti RUKKUAS!

Ti kadena ket isu ti lapped ti dur-as, ti lapped ti dakiwas ti waya a panunot, lapped dagiti bayanggudaw a rikna.

Ti pluma ket isu ti armas kadagiti gapu ti ranget, dagiti di agressat a ranget uray pay ti agsipnget, dagiti ranget ti sirok ti alipuspos. Ti pluma ket ti pintor a mutektek ti gabsuon ti leddaang, dagiti dayengdeng ti simron ken durmen amin a balo, ulila a karkarma, dagiti pusiaw ti kuranges a nakem.

Ti ima, ti gemgem, ti tag-ay. Daytoy ti simbolo dagiti di agressat a ranget, ti dangadang, ti baringkuas ti tagainep nga agturong ti tignay a nawaya.

Ti RUKKUAS. Daytoy ti tignay, ti panagayat ti bukod a sao, ti bukod a kultura, ti bukod a nakem, leddaang, gura, bisin. Ket, kalpasan a matalado ti gapu, ket adda RUKKUAS!

Ti BIAG. Ti sirkulo ti amin a TIGNAY, amin a RUKKUAS, ti amin a TAGAINEP.

6 Responses to The Site’s Title & Purpose

  1. Jerico Esteron says:

    Hi sir! Im Jerico Esteron, a graduate student from UP Baguio. I’m currently working on my thesis which generally deals with identity politics. I’m especially interested in problematizing how Ilocano native speakers in/of Pangasinan engage in identity construction. With this, I strongly believe that you can be of great help to my project. If it’s not too much too ask, may you be so kind to let me interview you regarding your ethnicity and ethnic identity? Your permission would really be of great help to me. I really look forward to meeting you soon. Thanks and regards.


  2. jspadre says:

    Malagipco ngamin nga idi addaac iti Grade 4 idi ugma pay laeng, adda binulan wenno linawas a naawatmi nga School News Review ket maminsan iti maysa a lawas, pagsuratenna cami daydi maestrami iti news report a naadaw iti School News Review nga incam saggaysa a basaen iti sango ti clase. Babaen dayta a panangrucod, di pay ket mannurat cami amin nga estudiante ti Grade 4!

    OK, I think I understand where you’re coming from. So be it. Thanks for counting me as one, albeit at the bottom of the totem pole!

    Have a text-editing software at your PC, will write!

  3. joepadre says:

    Agyamanac cadagiti impadigom idiay ILOCANO ONLINE. Kinapudnona, diac ibilang toy numoc a mannurat agsipud ta awan met pay naputarco a kumanunong cadagiti pangrucod iti maysa a sinurat. Dagitoy insuratco a kapanunotan wenno pammaliiw ket casla panangitultuloy laeng iti “juvenile reporting” a nasursuroc cas editor dagidi school newspaper mi iti high school ken colegio. Straight reporting of events, to me, hardly qualifies one to be called a mannurat. I never mastered the artistic use of metaphors and the mantra,”show, don’t tell“, when crafting a story, and so I bow to those who can, and therefore, the ones who should be truly considered as mannurat.

  4. Ka Loren says:

    Saan a masapul nga ammotayo a pagsalaen ti musa ti balikas tapno maibagatayo a mannurat. Isurattayo dagiti rikna ken panunot tayo nga aggapu ditoy puso. Daytoy ti anag ti panagikur-it nga ammok.

    There are criteria in commercial writing as well as writing for awards. But, who cares. We wrote with our blood. If we could publish and if we could win an award, then that would be a consolation. However, that is not the purpose of writing. It is our duty to keep our culture and words alive. And in writing, we could do that freely.

  5. Ka Loren says:

    thank you for dropping by sir. And also, for this prodding comment.
    I hope we’ll continue to be connected. I’ll add you to my site.

  6. joepadre says:

    Thanks for dropping by ILOCANO ONLINE. You just opened up a window to the world for me–and the panorama I see is absolutely wider and more beautiful!

    Am both happy and proud to note that there are those like you whose mind is in active ferment at all times, including those times when the loose cats outside are doing their thing, or between sardam and parbangon when you say daniw to the only wife perhaps while you’re half awake, nautoyan or dreaming. You know how to make a guy jealous!

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