Online Publishing Cooperative, Kayatyo?

No malagipyo pay daydi nairugik a paskil, Nagrigat Ketdin ti Marigrigat, nairuanganko ti maysa a panggep a kas ti Ilocano Online Cooperative Publication. Desididoak iti daytoy a panggep gapu ta konbinsidoak iti tignay cooperativa. Iti daytoy a tignayan nga agob-obraak ket ammok nga adu ti maitulongna daytoy a kas alternativo a wagas ti panagbiag, alternativo ti kapitalismo ken socialismo a tignay. Ti cooperativismo ket adda iti baet dagitoy a tignayan.

Ket ammok a mabalin daytoy a tignayan a kas dalan ti pannakataginayon ti Literatura Ilokana. Adu ken adunto pay ti naayat a mangpasantak ti literatura ilokana ket babaen ti nain-cooperativaan a tignay, panagkunak ket na-an-annayas ti tarayna. Daytoy ket saan a maaramid a gunglo a kas GUMIL wenno TMI. Online daytoy a gannuat.

Sapay koma ta suportaranyo daytoy.

“Kallautang: Poetics of Diversity” is out

Poetics of Diversity

Poetics of Diversity

Launched in June 2009 and to be re-launched at the 4th Nakem International Conference, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Excerpts of the book have been uploaded in well as in Edited, translated, and with a critical introduction by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili (TMI Global Press 2009). Partial funding for publication from a competitive SEED grant awarded to the author in 2008-2009. For orders, write to:

Some of the poets in the diaspora included in this work are Melchor Agag, Mario Abinsay, Jeremias Calixto, Cristino Inay, Prodie Padios, George Pagulayan, Pacita Saludes, Perlita Sadorra, Cresencio Quilpa, Francis Ponce, Razi Quiamas, and Amado Yoro.

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