Tinkering with Tadlock’s Structure Template

I will take this opportunity to acknowledge all who passed by this site for the last previous weeks. You are all welcome and thank you.

For the past few days, I was so busy with my works and I found no time to steal for blogging. Before the onset of the Holy Days, I needed some extra time to finish some quarterly progress reports. Last April 14 and 15, I was supposed to attend a National Forum on Microfinance Innovations for Cooperatives but my mother was rushed to a hospital, and I had to attend to her.

Fortunately, all went well. She will be having her first session of chemotherapy tomorrow, April 22, 2009.

For these recent days, I was tinkering with Mr. Tadlock’s Structure Template edited and bloggerized by an Ilokano writer and web site designer Mr. Jake F. Ilac. The Structure Template was adjudged as one of the best blog templates originally released for WordPress. However, Jake Ilac saw the need to adopt this template for blogger/blogspot. Jake made a good effort with it and I was applying it in a blogger/blogspot site dedicated for my mother.

So, sorry for the ‘no new post’ here at Tignay.

My new advocacy is on stopping non-hodgkin’s lymphoma or doing something that keep the public aware on lymphoma, at least in the Philippines, through a new blog site called STOP NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA PHILS. This site is still under construction with the efforts of Jake.

You may join us in this advocacy. Visit my site dedicated with this cancer. See you there…

About Ka Loren
Siak ni Florentino B. Lorenzana, maysa a Filipino, Ilokano ken Pangasinan. Naiyanakak innem a bulan kalpasan ti deklarasion ti Martial Law ditoy Pilipinas. Madama a makumikom iti tignay kooperatiba.

8 Responses to Tinkering with Tadlock’s Structure Template

  1. I purchased tamagotchi v6 handset for my daughter to maintain them away from personal computer. It appears adorable to even an adult like me.

  2. free_angie says:

    WOW! Maraming salamat po sa appreciation nyo sa akin…Walang anuman po yon….
    Ang importante po ay makatulong ako sa kapwa tao ko.
    Lalo po kasi akong na depress noong wala na akong pakialam sa kapwa ko,kasi nga po nasaktan ako sa mga taong
    di pinapahalagahan ang sakripisyo at paghihirap ko.Pero talaga palang ganon ang buhay…
    Pabayaan sila,they are not deserving to have my attention.
    Go on with the people who needs most…^_^

    Napakagandang balita po yan sa akin Sir,na nag improve ang kalusugan ng iyong Mother…
    Nakaka lift up po ng spirit ko yon….Ang sarap po sa pakiramdam…^_^
    Talaga pa lang PASSION kong makatulong sa kapwa ko tao…^_^

    Anytime po ninyong gamitin ang account ko po…
    Hope to see you in person din Sir…Karangalan ko po yon…^_^


  3. Ka Loren says:

    hi Angie:

    You walked some extra miles already Angie, I appreciate that. My mom is doing okey right now. Actually, I already visited one shop of DXN and they are ready to help. I bought some coffee.

    Soon, I will asked you if I could use your account for ganoderma lucidum. I would like to give some time for the medical remedies to sink. But, my mom is using the DXN coffee. She feels great. She’s feeling stronger now than a month ago. I hope with the coffee coupled with the chemo she’ll gain more days, uhuh?

    Thanks for all your prayers. I hope I could meet you to give a hug as an expression of my appreciation. God bless your family. Good people deserve the best from GOD.

  4. free_angie says:

    Hello poh Sir…Sana makatulong ako sa nanay nyo at sayo…
    “Anim na beses po yan at three weeks interval”???
    tsk! tsk! tsk! Di poh kasiguradohan ang chemo sa pag galing ng nanay nyo,kasi namamatay ang bad cells,pati ang good cells niyan…Wag poh kayong sumuko sa food supplements,herbal medicine…One of the reason poh nagkakasakit ang tao dahil sa mga toxin na nasa ating pagkain…mga preservatives,animal fats,etc…
    Pakainin lang ng tama ang cells natin may kakayahan itong mg regenerate ang ating katawan.Kusa niyang ninirepair ang ating katawan…Alam nyo naman poh yong Lingze coffee maganda poh yon sa immune system ng nanay nyo poh…
    May 300 active elements poh yon…Sana makita nyo ang health benefits ng products,pati ng other products… ^_^

    GOD BLESS US ALL poh… ^_^

  5. Ka Loren says:

    Hi Angie:

    Thank you for dropping by and your wishes for my mom.

    Ok naman sya for now. Unang chemo session nya noong April 22. Anim na beses po yan at three weeks interval. Sana maagapan pa at gagaling sya. With all your prayers, I know, she will make it.


    Sorry nga pala sa walang bagong poste he he he. Gumagawa kasi ako ng site na iba. Aside from that lymphoma site, under construction ang isa: Money & Work @ Home. Sana bisitahin nyo rin.

  6. free_angie says:

    Helo Sir Ka Loren…Kmusta na poh ang nanay ninyo?
    Salamat sa million thanks mo.
    But useless poh yon if nanay nyo di pa magaling.
    Ang kagalingan po ng nanay nyo ang importante…
    Get well soon poh sa Nanay nyo Sir…^_^

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