My Mother is Sick, can anyone help?

This is my second post dedicated for my mother who went under the knives twice.

For all of you who have medical knowledge, please help.

For all of you who knows some financial remedies, please help.

For all of you who knows God, please help us pray.

Last December 16, 2008, she was operated in the abdomen. I will post here below the result of her clinical diagnosis by her first Pathologist.

Clinical Diagnosis: Colonic CA
Gross Description:

The specimen consists of a resected colon from a right hemicolectomy, with grayish serosa and attached fatty tissues, measuring 38 cm. in length and 7.5cm in its greatest width. Cut sections show an obstructing whitish mass noted at the cecum, measuring up to 16cm in tis greatest dimension, and extending into the serosa and near the proximal line of resection, and 16cm from distal line of resection.

A whitish mass is also noted measuring up to 2.5cm in its greatest dimensions and noted 14cm from the distal line of resection. The vermiform appendix measures 5 x 15 x 1 cm .15 pericolonic lymph nodes are noted and some are large and measure up to 3 cm in their greatest dimensions.

Microscopic Description:

Sections of the cecal mass show diffuse submucosal and transmural infiltrates of small and large lymphocytes extending into serosa. Similar atypical lymphocytes are also noted at the vermiform appendix, peri-colonic lymph nodes, and near the proximal line of resection.

Histopathological Diagnosis

NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA, Diffuse, Mixed Small and Large Cell Type, Cecum, Vermiform Appendix, Peri-colonic Lymph Nodes and Proximal Line of Resection.


Suggest Immunohistochemistry studies.


She was operated again last February 18, 2009. This time under her arm pit. Here is the Surgical Pathology Report.


The surgical specimen consists of nodular, brownish to grayish white doughy tissue weighing 150 grams, measuring 8 x 7 x 5cm. Cut section show lobulated, grayish white cut surfaces with tiny cyst. representative section embedded.

Microscopic Description:

Sections disclose the tumor is composed of solid sheets of neoplastic cuboidal to polygonal celss infiltrating into underlying fibrofatty stroma.


INVASIVE DUCT CARCINOMA, Axillary Tail of the Breast (Malignant)

Last week of March, my brother noted again a bulging part of our mother’s abdomen. She went again to the doctor but the doctor refuses to let her go under the knife for the third time in just 3 months. He advised the family to put my mother under Chemotherapy medications.

The harder part with this scenario is that our family could not afford to have her chemotherapy.

My mother is now very thin and that she is only 59 years old. Can anyone help us please?

About Ka Loren
Siak ni Florentino B. Lorenzana, maysa a Filipino, Ilokano ken Pangasinan. Naiyanakak innem a bulan kalpasan ti deklarasion ti Martial Law ditoy Pilipinas. Madama a makumikom iti tignay kooperatiba.

18 Responses to My Mother is Sick, can anyone help?

  1. free_angie says:

    Sir I just want to share this to your Mother.

    Music that soothes the soul and lift the spirit
    Album dedicated to Rio Diaz

    Sana mabili mo ito para sa Nanay nyo poh…^_^
    Marinig nya ang buong CD. ^_^

    kahit anong karamdaman poh ang naranasan natin ngayon…karamdaman ng unforgivess,jealousy, anger,bitterness…
    Iisa lang poh ang gusto nating mangyari ay ang gumaling poh tayo.
    Kaya share ko poh ito sa inyo… ^_^

    Rio Diaz:
    “This is my doing” as I read 1 kings 12:24,I could not stop the tears from flowing as you spoke to me clearly into my heart.I have been so busy with life I forgot what it meant to really live.
    You allowed me this pain and affliction to know YOU in the midst of it and know what living-for You-is all about.
    You wanted my attention to teach me some of Your Greatest truths.and this humbles me.I asked for healing but I know deep in my heart that the pain will leave me as soon as I learn to see You in all things.this is joy in all its fullness.Thank you,Jesus.

    Share ko ang dalawa sa mga kanta ng album.

    “The Joys Of Healing”
    By: the company

    The Lord is healing me
    My Father and My God
    I put my trust in Him
    I can never be sad
    He blessed me with His gifts
    All the joys of healing
    I found happiness
    That only my God can bring

    The joys of healing
    Filled my heart with love
    The Lord healed me completely
    My Savior and my God
    He led me to the truth
    He created me anew
    I am whole again
    I am new again
    I’m free

    The Lord is healing me
    My Father and my God
    I have peace in my heart
    And it makes me feel glad
    He blessed me with His love
    and the joys of healing
    I found happiness
    That only my God can bring

    “I said a prayer for you”
    By: Ayen Munji Laurel

    I said a prayer for you
    In good times and the bad
    I said a prayer for you
    When you’re happy,when you’re sad
    I heard you were praising God
    i said a prayer for you
    And oh…I was glad!

    I said a prayer for you
    All the start of the day
    I asked God for health & blessings
    To come your way
    I wish you joy
    And peace to be with you
    A asked the Lord for all these
    I said a prayer for you

    I said a prayer for you
    When I saw you in tears
    I said a prayer for you
    Let go all your fears
    I heard you were praying
    And you were telling God
    You’ll never stop praying
    And oh…I was glad!

    Sana poh gumaling na ng tuluyan ang Nanay nyo…
    GOD BLESS US ALL poh… ^_^

  2. Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be coming back to your posts.

  3. free_angie says:

    Sir kmusta na poh ang Mama nyo?
    Sir sabihin nyo lang pag gusto ninyong bumili ng products.Ipagamit ko ang account ko para maka discount poh kayo…
    Kahilingan ko poh kay GOD na gagaling na poh ang Mama ninyo sa lalong madaling panahon,para poh ang lahat masaya…^_^

  4. Ka Loren says:

    Ka Eli & Angie:

    Salamat, salamat.

    Madam, I will contact you later if I need it. Thanks.

  5. ELIment says:

    nakaka-relate ako sa iyo ka loren. alam ko kung gaano kahirap makita yong magulang sa ganyang kalagayan. napagdaanan ko yan sa tatay ko.

    ang masasabi ko lang po, sana lagi kayong nasa tabi nya at wag nyong ipakita na nawawalan kayo ng pag-asa.

  6. I noticed that this is not the first time you mention this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  7. joepadre says:

    Sherma and VF offer some good points in there. Just keep in mind, however, that there is wisdom in the Holistic Approach to Wellness by Silvia Carison:

    <blockquote cite=”What does it take to be healthy? A holistic approach takes into account the interaction between the body and the mind.

    Health and Wellness

    Ideals are great. They give us goals to move toward. But ideals can also make us feel like we are not doing anything right or that we just can’t seem to move toward that goal. We need to remember that optimal health and wellness is an ideal. Whatever you do to enhance your health and wellness is always one step forward.

    One ideal, when it comes to health and wellness, is to take a holistic approach. Look at the big picture, and how all of the different parts of yourself interact. A holistic approach includes: your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.

    Here are a few suggestions and questions you might ask yourself if you want to take a holistic approach to your health and wellness:
    Wellness in Body

    What does your body need to be healthy? Some of the ways you can look after your body include: good nutrition ,natural medicines,warmth, comfort, exercise, physical activity, herbal medicines,sleep, self-care and body treatments, hygiene, rest and relaxation, massage therapy. Listening to your body is probably the best way.
    Wellness in Mind

    What are you mostly thinking about? Is your glass half-empty or half-full, so to speak? Are you constantly worried or obsessing? Do you get enough mental stimulation and challenges, such as reading, problem solving or being creative? Do you practice any type of meditation or relaxation techniques?
    Wellness in Emotion

    Do you care for and nurture yourself? Do you allow yourself time to deal with and release your emotions? Are you afraid to show your emotions? Do you journal or find ways to express yourself?
    Wellness in Spirit

    Do you spend time alone in quiet reflection? Do you enjoy nature? Maybe you pray or engage in some type of religious ritual. Believing in a higher power or simply being in awe of everyday wonders can help to nurture your Spirit. Try being in the moment wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

    Optimal wellness is only an ideal, but one well worth pursuing.

    Read more: Holistic Approach to Wellness: Looking after your self – your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit, is taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. –

    I suggest you start creating the positive feel-good ambience around your Mom by renting movie comedies your Mom could easily relate to. After all, laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Make sure your Mom is always in the fighting spirit and tell her never to give up. Give her some reason to live up to. See what you can do to bring about the holistic wellness as outlined by Sylvia Carison. And as best you could, understand that the medical doctors have the empirical upperhand and even as you feel buffeted by today’s medical costs, Sherma’s suggestion to explore some of the non-traditional ways to seek inexpensive or free treatment may surprise you as being there awaiting your Mom. And Father Corsie Legaspi? Why not? A very close friend of mine that I brought along to attend Father Corsie Legaspi’s mass and healing session in Los Angeles 2 years ago, thank God, appears to be free of the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma he was diagnosed 3 years ago. Three biopsies, a couple of MRIs and a colonoscopy later, this friend appears to be rid of his lymphoma condition. Two weeks ago I accompanied him for his MRI and the doctor said there was evidence something abnormal was there before but that now it is gone and that the scar posed no threat. Aha, I said within my thoughts, SOMEONE was there to clean it up… And I could not even explain it, except to categorize it as an act of faith.

  8. free_angie says:

    Your Always welcome poh Sir…^_^
    It’s my pleasure to help…
    Mapansin mo lang mga comments ko Happy na ako…^_^
    Malaking bagay na poh yon sa akin Sir… ^_^

    Maganda poh yon at aware na poh kayo about sa products…
    Nakita ko din yong Red Juice na sinasabi nyo last Sunday…
    Lahat ng mga juices,natural food supplements maganda poh sa ating katawan…
    Kasi may kakayahan ang katawan natin na marepair ang sarili natin,
    basta papakainin lang ng mga tamang pagkain ang ating katawan…^_^

    Tawagan niyo lang poh yong mobile number ni Sir Gil.
    Para sa mga katanungan niyo about sa products…

    GOD BLESS US ALL poh….
    Hoping for good health sa iyong Mother,as soon as possible…

    How much do it cost, the ganoderma?m

  9. brainteaser says:

    Please let us know your mother’s name, Manong, so we could include her in our prayers.

    Ti makunak, for now, Manong, is whatever you give your Mom to take as supplement, please let her doctor(s) know she’s taking it. And please don’t consider the supplement as replacement of her medications. Not that I thought for one moment you’d do either, but I am aware it’s sometimes done by folks. Please take it as a reminder from your ading.

    Also, ania ti stage ti sakit ni Mothermo, Manong?

    I’ve been told before that St. Lukes and Makati Med have charity something kadagiti marigatan nga agbayad kadagiti operasion. I am just not sure how to qualify. I know a nagastos ti panagpaagas kadagiti kakastoy a sakit and it might be good to explore possibilities of having a quality treatment at lower cost.

    No ngay agikabilka iti donate button, Manong, where your readers can click no nairana nga adda bassit a maitulongda? Just thinking out loud.

    We hope your mother will be well.

    Please try to be very positive when around her. She needs that.

  10. Ka Loren says:

    Ading Sherma:

    My mom’s name is Amparo Bustamante Lorenzana, 59 yrs. old, reident of Dasol, Pangasinan.

    Wen, laglagipek dagita patigmaanmo, Ading. Agyamanak no inayon idta kararagyo itatta a semana santa. Wen, man, mangikabilakto man ti donate button bareng mayat ken adda met dagiti tumulong, hay.

    Ka VF:

    Life is like that. But, as long we could do something, we’ll do.

    Ms. Angie:

    A million thank you.

    Kakang JOe:

    You walk a mile to just sent me some notes. Agyamanak unay.

    To all:

    A Blessed Holy Days. May the Spirit of God be with us always.

  11. VF says:

    I can relate how you feel now for your mother Ka Loren. All I can say is be strong and hope for the best.

    Saludsodem no addan dita Pilipinas tay treatment nga “Immuno-theraphy”, pioneered by University of Louvain. I’m not sure of the mechanism but apparently, it works like vaccines. They collect the white blood corpuscles of the patient, culture and give instructions to attack cancer cells and inject it back to the patient. I’m not sure if this works on all types of cancer.

    It should however, be coupled with chemo and radio theraphy. Adda metten ti chemo-therapy a tableta tapno saanen a masapul nga aggian idiay hospital ti pasiente, isuna laeng a medio nangina bassit kabsat.

    Diak ammo no addan dita Pinas dagitoy ngem saan met a dakes a padasen a saludsuden tapno ammoyo ti isagsaganaan.

    Ngem ti kangrunaan ket ti panagkararag ken ti panangtulong iti pasiente nga agbalin a positive thinker. A cancer patient can’t fight her battle alone. Kasapulanna dagiti mangay-ayat kenkuana.

    We will help you pray for your mother kabsat…

  12. free_angie says:

    pahabol….we should be aware of the food we eat kasi ngayon the silent killer is the food we eat…
    just text me ipaistorya nako ang friend nko na si Gil…Nurse,and tetser sya…
    Sya ang daghan ng cases na nahealed na..because of the products….

  13. free_angie says:

    Sir mao lang ning mahelp nko sa imuha…basaha ang website na ihatag nko sa imuha….
    Daghan na og mga testimonies…Ante pod nko akong gidala sa office sa company dre..
    Para ma aware og ma orient…Ako pod may cyst of both ovaries ko og cycts sa breast…
    Dili nko ni usuall gina maulaw ko…but siguro my rason si Lord…
    To touch other lives…Wala ko ng pa opera ever since…
    Gusto nko hopelfully by food supplements,og faith ni GOD og prayers ma heal ko….
    Ante nko my cyst sa breast pod diay,bantog ako siyang gidala kagahapon…
    Dapat monday operahan na sya…wala na dayon ky na re sked sya….
    Di gyuod siguro paoperahan ni Lord…
    Sir kung gusto nimo itry sa imuhang Mama ang product….Let me know…
    I will help you…
    May kaibigan ako na nurse ang tetser sya..dami na niyang mga case na bed readen na..or di na makatayo…
    ovarian cancer,cysts sa breast but ngayon healed na…
    just text me 09217260215…He will explain to you about the health benifets about the product….

    pasinsya ka na medyo dilalian akoang comment kay molakaw pa man gud ko…wala na nko gi edit….^_^
    Nagdali ko Sir…pasinsya na….


  14. Ka Loren says:

    Hi Angie:

    Thank you Day.

    Actually, we are using ganoderma extract coffee of Edmark. I used to be part of dealership here in Region 1 of that Lingzhi coffee three in one in sachet.

    I also let my mom drink the Goji Juice and I am planning to buy that Red Juice as advertised in Rated K last Sunday.

    I also let my mom eat tofu from Soyabeans however, the supply is very minimal.

    How much do it cost, the ganoderma?

  15. Ka Loren says:

    Kakang Joe:

    Agyamanak kaagiti suhestion. Mabalin siguro a maexplore dagitoy a posibilidad.


    Adda bileg ti angin nga AMIAN a mamaglaing. Agyamanak.

  16. aurelioagcaoili says:

    We are sending the healing energies from Honolulu, Ka Loren.

  17. joepadre says:

    Sorry, the telephone number as published in Beyond Human Boundaries is (046) 434-8759.

  18. joepadre says:

    If you’re averse to the paranormal, I recommend that you don’t read any further.

    It’s a shot in the dark. And I have no theories or long term observations if it works. Others have their testimonials included in “Beyond Human Boundaries (Mahaba Ang Kamay Ng Diyos)” supposedly available at COMING HOME RETREAT CENTER FOR THE SICK along the National Highway in Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite (046) 434-8750.

    Two years ago, I drove a few friends and relatives to this church in Los Angeles where Fr. Corsie S. Legaspi held a healing session. He did mention his specialty was healing cancer patients. I didn’t think the healing session was staged. People from the street kept pouring in as the session progressed. Frankly there were things that happened in there that I simply could not explain.

    I don’t know if you and your Mom would like to find out about it. Fr. Corsie S. Legaspi’s activities and healing sessions are well documented on the Internet.

    I do sympathize with your Mom’s travails. Hope she’ll find something or someone to fix ’em, even something that involves an act of faith. She’s in my prayers.

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