Reunion: Tracing Those Years…

I will excuse myself blogging memories, mudane as it were, but so memorable to me.

I was invited and I missed the appointment. I have plenty of reasons to note but I know no one cares.

The Dasol Catholic School held its reunion las February 21, 2009. I was, and I am still part of that batch 1989. It was so long ago but still I cherished the good old times of clique groups, lovelife gone haywiring, grades first before relationships and so on and so forth.

I promised to be there but I did not make it. I will not write reasons why I did not attend the occasion for no one else even myself believe otherwise.

I should be there.
I was not expecting that I will be invited to that reunion but suddenly, some old names and faces kept popping up in my PC LCD screen when for whatever reasons, I checked my friendster account.

I was amused. And, I was afraid, too, to post some answers. I feared that I have not done good enough to show to them that, “hey! look what i am now…still poor and struggling.” I can’t argue using the argumentom ad misericordiam.

This was funny and I still love it. For all the people, Bing, formerly Geneve Abella, had the guts to ask for my mobile phone number. I wrote here that she got guts because during those younger times, we had rough times and we had few good memories. Maybe, we reserved the bests for these days. What an irony? Isn’t it?

My first answer to Bing was: I am sorry for what I did to you during those times. She said: for what? It was good for me because she has a short memory, he he he he, to remember my foolishness.

Then, Amelita Dizon (I will be using here there names and surnames when we were younger of course) sent me some short messages. I used to have a good relationship with this lady classmate. I could cracked jokes to her during those days.

Suddenly, I asked: how come that I am also important to this batch? I was a bitch poor boy then (until now, I am still a bitch poor, though not a boy anymore but a man).

I used to enter our school in spartan slippers unlike these guys who sported their kaypee shoes mimicking some artista of the now defunct, that’s entertainment of GMA 7. If only the Korean Telenovela were in during those times, I know, they looked more Koreans than Sandara, he h ehe he. Oh, I remember their shagi banks and the siete or the dos haircuts.

The girls tagged along their slum notebooks. But, they kept it away from the prying eyes of our teachers by tucking it in between their old books of Earth Science, Geometry, Economics and Chemistry.

to be continued…


About Ka Loren
Siak ni Florentino B. Lorenzana, maysa a Filipino, Ilokano ken Pangasinan. Naiyanakak innem a bulan kalpasan ti deklarasion ti Martial Law ditoy Pilipinas. Madama a makumikom iti tignay kooperatiba.

11 Responses to Reunion: Tracing Those Years…

  1. gamester_94 says:

    comment na lang ta pinos mu gamen naglaeng ka agself pity!!

  2. gamester_94 says:

    nenam tinot!!! hanka lang minanginom naglaeng ka pay nga “AGSELF PITY” ” “still bitch poor” nenam talaga apay hanmu ma appreciate dagiti nadanun mu??? nagasat ka kabsat ta adda trabahom ya… dagiti daduma AWAN!!!!uray kasanu ti kayat da nga agsapul awan latta gasat da…. apay ta pamilyam, asset mu deta gayem deta ta agpaypaysu nga baknang ta suda ti mangayat kenka aginga lakay kan uray matak takyam tu ta sapen mu ay ayaten da ka latta. “count your blessings men”

  3. Ka Loren says:

    Ne ay, saanak pagrasawan ditoy abongko kabsat ta dikanto ket matabas!

    Ti la kaykayat a nga iposte, pungtot man wenno senti, isu la nga isu a rikna. Wen, adu dagiti masapul a maapresiar ken maayat ken kayaten ngem masapul met a sublian dagiti pagteng a saan a naragsak, saan ngamin?

    If all the times are/were good times, there is no need for us to struggle and sacrifice!

  4. Bing says:


  5. Ka Loren says:


    Thanks for dropping by.

    He he he. Hey, I should continue this piece. It is still clear in my memory some events and nonsense activities we had had during those days.

    Definitely, I can’t attend again this April. You know what? Vacation time is family time. My wife will celebrate her birthday on April 15 and perhaps we will be having some events on that Black Saturday.

    I already sent feedback on the resolutions and some suggestions which will be considered by the group. I will always support you all, though, not much in financial aspect, he he he. I am just a poor bitch classmate, huh.

    And also, thank you for the daily messages. You are sending messages to us in group and even though I was not replying, I am always wishing that you and your family are in good grace.

  6. Geneve Abella-Mendoza says:

    Hi and “WOW”… nice write-up.I expect you to join us next time(this April) so you have more to say and more to write about. No more excuses huh!

  7. ELIment says:

    ka loren, sige ok lang..sabay tayo. maganda na yon para matulungan mo ako. ikaw magsulat ako sa graphics. hehe

  8. Ka Loren says:

    wow ang bilis a. kapipindutko pa lang e, andyanka na. tnx ka eli.

  9. eli says:

    masarap din magnilay at bumalik. lalo na kapag nakita ang dating classmates.

  10. Ka Loren says:

    ka angie:

    daghang salamat ulit sa imong pagbisita sa akong blog.

    mao. wa na maiblog e. he hehe. invisible ka nga.

    dili uy. di palaaway ang usa kong classmate. wala lang kaming mabuting usapan noon e. ay kaluoyta giud. poor bitch pa ta hanggang karon bwa ha ha ha.

    ako. dalawa lang ang uniform. Pagkasuot ngayon, labhan kaagad for next day.

    sige lang..kahit milya milya ang imong comment, ayos lang giud, basta we keep the fire in our hearts burning…

    Ka Eli:

    Ang hindi lumilingon sa pinanggalingan, wala nang babalikan he he he. bago ‘no?

    There are/were events, people/s, places worth remembering. mayron nga ba?

    Hey, i like the high school days. Classics ikanga ang mga activities…I will be blogging sooner ang mga kabulastoganko noong ako’y high school lad pa. Antabayanan ninyo, he he he. During our time, ang APO song na “Sa’n na nga ba ang panahon” ay nauso e.

  11. Angie says:

    WOW! Ang galing my tagalog at English na talaga.Naiintindihan ko na…Hehehe.
    Maraming Salamat sa Kaibigan ha…Di ako nawala…Lagi akong dumadaan,at nababasa.Wala pang akong post,at comments.Hehehe
    Like invisible ba…Nandyan pero di mo nararamdaman…Hehehe
    Unsa man diay ka tong unsa a imuhang mga classmate?
    Palaaway? Hehehe…
    Mura guilty mn kaayo ka?
    Uy…Poor bitch diay ka?
    Nakarelate ko.
    Ako tong una puro hinatag ang mga uniforms,or hiniraman.
    Isa ka buok ang pantalon.Mismi basa-basa pa pugos og suoton
    kung kailangan na sa training…Hay grabe kalisod uy…
    Pero tanan sakripisyo naay rason man.Diba?
    So keep on winning lang gyud pirmi….
    Example ang uban my blog?
    Diba wala? Hehehe…
    Still unique and special pa rin tayo.Db?
    Sige kay basin milya milya na pod ning comment nako.HEhehe… ^_^

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