Seminary Tales #2: Burning Time



Stenches of charred bodies.

Burned souls.

Flames laughed. And smokes challenged all saints in heavens. Flames danced and swayed with the wind – – and the ledda all around but not with the heights of priestly walls – – and smokes darted their might to the place of thy kingdom come bringing all along the screams of burned souls to heavens or hells, nobody ever knew.

And beyond the heights and mights of that priestly walls, the drapes stood still, and faithful enough, guarding the called who call themselves semens and also the owners of holy cloaks who called themselves Prefects, all of them were preoccupied of their dreams in limbo or somewhere else, the dreams of doing something holier than the ordinary, of becoming guardians of the infirms, the poor and the sick. And just beyond the walls, one soul cringed, cried, burned and charcoaled out of reach.

I was one of the semens – – I hate to remember it now. And I dreamed that night about sex.

(Read more at Sounds of Solace…)

About Ka Loren
Siak ni Florentino B. Lorenzana, maysa a Filipino, Ilokano ken Pangasinan. Naiyanakak innem a bulan kalpasan ti deklarasion ti Martial Law ditoy Pilipinas. Madama a makumikom iti tignay kooperatiba.

18 Responses to Seminary Tales #2: Burning Time

  1. seotonsgeek says:

    Oh mon dieu le seotons
    Wow Seotons !


  2. thanks, buddy. Keep it up. I’ll link you here…

  3. eli says:

    hello po. ang saya ng huling panaginip mo. hehe
    ok add kita sa links ko. tnx

  4. Wen, kastansa dita ayanda kaka, madi kunada iti saan.

    Ti met saritaan ditoy, no dadduma, kunami: patangan…

    Kadagiti simbaan a nastrekko, ‘wan pay met babai a nangmisa. Ngem, baka babawe a ket adda ngatan ‘ta pirmi met nga agkulot no kua ti Amenna. Amwen, kunana met no kua.

    Padaanam ti pakasaritaan daytay maysa a nadamagko a confessor nga umagek ti dakulap kadaydi nagkonfesar, hay apwo aywa… πŸ™‚

  5. VF says:

    “Saritaan kunam ” kunak Kakang kadayta addadta ngatuem ngem “madi” kunana met.

    Madi kunana diay saan, madi kunana latta no madi. “Madi “agandar, saan a tumaray,” kunak. Ti la adda kunana ketdin! huuuuu!

    Ne, ne, ne, saandak nga iraman kadayta “sinanpadi” ha! πŸ™‚

    Wen, mayat dayta kunam Kakang. La man ngarud, agaramidka man ti estoria manipud kadayta balabala nga imbagam. . let me ask tho, will it be Apocalypse or Paradise Regained? Mangipanka met a iti Eba hehehe!

    Pay, wan pay padi aya a babai? wenno Babawe? πŸ™‚

  6. Hay, kabsat, daytoy man ti anglem dagiti padpadasmi, padpadas dagiti nasagangmi idi sadiay seminario, padas ken opinionmi iti kinapadi, kadagiti papadi, padpadas padi ken panaginpapadi….

  7. brainteaser says:

    Hayyo, gayyem. Mayat ti tungtunganyo ditoy a, hehhee.

    Sumampitawak koma ngem apay kasdiay… kasla diak met maawatan ti tungtunganyo?


  8. ka loren says:

    He who goes softly, goes safely; he who goes safely, goes far. …, chi va piano, va sano; chi va sano, va lantano. An Italian, eh. Ok, ok, ok. I’ll take that caution. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    I like your logic and your foresight, but, now, I am thinking of the antithesis, he he he.

    Try to think of it, Ka VF. Can you recall the sapatos and the Partaan…? Those kids will go to the seminary… and I have another kid coming soon. One will go out before priesthood and two will become priests. Among the two, one will go out and work for the masses but will return home wounded. The other one will remain in the seminary, as the Plumber Priest, I do not know yet. The other one will be obliterated but keep coming like a ghost haunting the two, may be it could be the narrator…

  9. VF says:

    πŸ™‚ Maestro, dayta lenguahe, I believe is the reason why most of the Roman Catholics in the Philippines, of all their centuries of dominance, are still ignorant of their religion. No adda man mangbasa iti kopiada a Biblia, of all pretense, daytay pay saanda a nariingan a pagsasao ti usarenda.

    …and there goes the misintepretation! πŸ™‚

    Ka Loren, chi va piano va sano, chi va sano va lontano!


    (Nakitakon diay tuloy ti istoriam. Who takes charge in producing the holy-pee? πŸ™‚ )

  10. Ka VF, excommunicated from what, to what, from whom and to whom? Let them pretend they can cut the birth cord from my Father. I could go directly to him and I will also say: I only say what I only see. This world is full of miscommunication and excommunication already. Even Hermes could not anymore interpret the truth, meaning; everybody owned the truth/s. If I could be in heaven, then let it be, but it could be lonely. Few people could reach there. If I will be destined to hell, what will be the difference? I am gnashing my teeth already, burning my skin to put food on my table now, weeping my existence because I have nothing. That is a hell of a life!

    To Maestro: If radicalism is to view the universe in my side, then, let it be. If Capital is having millions of money in business, I am already being used by that term. I am managing the cooperative’s millions now. Sins? I have enough of that, I could I am wealthy on those, he he he. Commerce? I am thinking to export myself. Ha! What a life?

  11. aurelioagcaoili says:

    VF, that one: una verita nella vita. I want to recall my romance with Romance languages in the seminary. all those Latin and Italian rammed into our throat, pray tell, where are they now? darn, darn, those days. Ka Loren, your view of the universe is still that radical view, eh? you have not been visited by Capital, Sin, and Commerce? Yes, the haunting continues. And you are right: We all did not do anything except recalling the ratatattattat and the scent, not of apples and aratilis, but of burned flesh. How do we wash ourselves of this apathy, pray tell?

  12. VF says:

    Ah, where is prejudice when the holy count invokes the holy divide and the magical law of nature; the holy pull –gravity? “Amin nga agpangato kukuam, amin nga agpababa, kukuak!”


    …magpakatotoo…, ah, una veritΓ  nella vita. Careful anak, you may get excommunicated! πŸ™‚

  13. I have no Camelot to bestow unto you the knighthood, ha ha ha. Whew! That is it. In Seminary Tales #1, I wrote: ‘the hard thing of looking back at our pasts is the prejudice of separating the good ones from the best ones…’

    And that Reverend, O, that is the essence of existence, of quidity, of stupidity and not that metaphysical allusions. Kunanada man: Magpakatotooka, Father.

  14. VF says:

    Γ©-la! Why the sir now? Are you knighting me already? πŸ™‚

    I remember that holiness-of-a-priest manning the Filipino congregation(?) here. I cornered him once preaching the holy say to a blonde in Amsterdam! And gosh, the walls of pcbc is unscalable! πŸ™‚

  15. Sir VF, I could not speculate on that yet. We may not expect Pontious Pilate to be in these tales but expect that someone will be coming soon, The Plumber Priest, who always did his things, errands, too early in the morning, when roosters were still dreaming of dumalagas. Sooner also will be The Confessor who kissed hands of the sinner as part of the absolution.

  16. VF says:

    …and who washed the feet of Pontious Pilate afterwards?


  17. I was there too, during the burning just inside the walled comfort of the holy, fast asleep dreaming about sex, he he. I never heard the ratatatat because I did not expect then, that some mundane things happened outside the Promised Land. I was lured then that life inside was halfway to heaven, but, of course, halfway to hell. It was late that I realized the truth. Yeah, I was there and did nothing that is why they are keep coming back…waiting, haunting for those SOUNDS OF SOLACE from us.

  18. aurelioagcaoili says:

    I was there, not during the burning, but right after. And I knew that you never did anything, you soldiers of God, after hearing that son of a gun ratatattattatattat of a gun. Where, where is justice and care here? O, we saw those charred bodies, as exhibits in that early morning when the sun in those hills were rising. What an irony!

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