Seminary Tales #1: In the Beginning

One cannot go forward without looking back at the past, as many would say, may these be happy ones or sad ones. Pasts are always parts of the continuum of what we call life cycles, er, lifelines.

Life is circular because we have the abilities, tendencies to go back where we were, at least in our memories, tracing back the lines like counting past years in our faces, as we look ourselves staring at us in the mirror. It is like picking up the truths, meanings, of our once texted life experiences. But, the hardest of it all, in going back at life lanes, is the prejudice of separating the good ones from the best ones.

Life is also linear. No one could ever turn the time around. We will always end up counting the days, weeks, months and years–forget the hour–of our past lives, at least for now. At least for now, waiting the science fiction of time machine becomes a reality. Not in my lifetime, though, I am sure. All we could do is to trace the events and owned it as now–as lines tangled in a web of events, as pastels if we put pictures on it and as coded dots and numbers if we put these events entrenched at the virtual memories.

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About Ka Loren
Siak ni Florentino B. Lorenzana, maysa a Filipino, Ilokano ken Pangasinan. Naiyanakak innem a bulan kalpasan ti deklarasion ti Martial Law ditoy Pilipinas. Madama a makumikom iti tignay kooperatiba.

One Response to Seminary Tales #1: In the Beginning

  1. arel says:

    KaLorenn.YOu are a gifted writer my friend and i never imagined u being such evn way back on our highskol yrs.wish i had d same gift as u do but i dont think i cud evr be an accomplished writer in this lifetym.i want to reveal my identity and not my sanctity now but mayb i just hold onto it til get to see u in person..of course this s subject to Gods will.i just hope that u dont fail to recognize the giver of this gift and that u shld always be thankful 4 Him til u breath yr last.

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